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My Me Book


Here’s a little something I want to share about = my Me Book!

What is a a Me Book? Well, it’s actually a book you can create where you fill all the pages with everything about YOU!!! Bellow are example pages which I created when I was at Jr High. Actually, it was one of our task but it turned out to be an interesting project.

This Me Book I made is based on a natural concept. The pages are made from recycled paper, aluminum foil and even cut bits from magazines. I tried to make it as neutral as possible yet fun to look at with lots of images and folded up pages. As for the content, there’s a page about myself, my family member, my friends, my school life, the houses I’ve been living in, my holiday experiences, philately, and geotopia. Geotopia is also another project you can do which is a project where you create your own country and describe in detail about all of it aka playing around as a ruler.

I hope you’ll get inspired by this project and maybe try it by yourself at home. It’s definitely a fun way to spend your time and I usually love to look back at it as a reminder of my childhood life. Even my friends are interested in looking at it since every page has it’s own uniqueness and the varieties of elements to look at.

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  1. fitriy09 Says:

    micaaa, ga ada foto2 akuu yaaaa ……….

  2. michag09 Says:

    huaaa fitri… kau tidak berfoto dengan q c. next time sja ya!! hoho… qta kan sekelas ini :)

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