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One Night Singapore

Author: michag09
09 6th, 2010

On August the 2nd week, I went to Singapore to accompany my mom for her throat check up and stayed for a day there. The exact location where I was staying was around the Orchard Road. Since it’s not holiday season, the streets wasn’t that full and busy but it doesn’t mean that it was empty. But anyway, for those of you who has never been to Singapore, you should go there at least once in a life time to check out exactly how clean and order a street look like, or other public facilities should be maintain since Singapore is close to Indonesia but everything is different if you compare. However, is it because I’m not used to the surrounding with tight laws going on there, so I’m kind of missing the crazy angkot drivers and crossing the street wherever I want part :) Ha ha…

Anyway, on the first day, I ate the lamb and spinach dish (Indian Food) in Food Republic. Well, my mom also bought me bapao and I tried a sip of her es cincau which was good and different from the ones I eat back home. After that, we went SHOPPING!!! A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. The funny thing about the malls there is that from one mall to another are basically connected from either above or underground walk.

By the way, there was one mall which is quite new since it wasn’t built yet the last time I visited Singapore. It’s called Ion. They had these colorful statues. I’ve heard that the recent flood which happened on Orchard Road was because of this mall since the underground levels went really deep but it is still my hypothesis, hehe…

In the evening, we went to the Esplanade which was a building that looks like a half cut durian to watch a Youth Ensemble Orchestra. The streets was filled with people because there was the Youth Olympic going on. Since the show time was starting around 7 or 8 o’clock, we checked around the view. It was awesome. We could see also see the three towers with the Boat on top of it. I don’t actually know what the building was called so I just tend to describe it :P During the show, we weren’t allowed to take pictures so we just sat and watch. There were different groups playing different songs, and instrument. Of all the groups, I really liked the second group which had 2 violin players, a viola player and a cello player. They were really professional for such young teenagers. Maybe because most songs were classical, I could spot a few people sleeping on their chairs which was hilarious. But by seeing them playing, I can see that the Singaporean Education Department are really doing their best in helping their citizen to improve. Maybe one day we can actually take an example of them.

After the show was done, we went to eat again. I just ate chicken and rice (Hainam) = yummy; because I was hungry.